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1. What are my Hudson's Bay Rewards Points worth?
HBC converted to the new Program on February 3rd, 2013 the redemption value of your points is as follows:

Your Rewards Points are worth
2,000 points = $10 HBC Gift Card
4,000 points = $20 Hudson's Bay Rewards Gift Card
6,000 points = $30 Hudson's Bay Rewards Gift Card

2. Can I use my previous HBC Rewards card or Bay VIP card in the current Hudson's Bay Rewards Program?
Your existing HBC Rewards card or VIP Card can still be used because your account number has stayed the same for the Hudson's Bay Rewards program.

3. My Rewards card is an older version. Do I need to change it for a newer version?
No. Since your existing HBC Rewards Card still works, and your Rewards account number has not changed, you can continue to use it.

4. Why are their tiers in the Hudson's Bay Rewards program?
With a tiered Rewards program, we are now able to reward our most loyal shoppers with more points. As you achieve a higher tier over the course of a calendar year, you will earn more points. Every January 1 all Rewards members start over at the base Rewards tier.

5. Do I need to have my Hudsonís Bay Rewards card with me every time I shop to earn points?
Yes. You must present your Hudsonís Bay Rewards card EVERY time you shop at Hudsonís Bay, thebay.com or Home Outfitters to earn valuable Rewards points and move up the Rewards tiers to a higher level with accelerated points and other benefits.

Even when you shop with a Hudsonís Bay MasterCardģ or Hudsonís Bay Credit Card, you MUST also show your Hudsonís Bay Rewards card in store to earn points.

You donít need to present your Hudsonís Bay Rewards card when you shop with your Hudsonís Bay MasterCard everywhere else that MasterCard is accepted outside of Hudsonís Bay, thebay.com, Home Outfitters and affiliates.

6. How do I move up from one tier to the next?
Promotion up the tiers is dependant on the amount you spend & your number of purchase visits at Hudsonís Bay, thebay.com or Home Outfitters in a calendar year (January 1st to December 31st). You must present your

Spend from $1-$399.99* in a calendar year, you will earn at the Base Rewards Rate of 1 point per dollar.
Spend between $400 and $1,199.99* in a calendar year, you will earn at the Rewards Plus Rate of 1.5 points per dollar.
Spend over $1,200* in a calendar year, you will earn at the Rewards VIP rate of 2 points per dollar.

*Before taxes, net of returns, in a minimum of two purhachase visits in a calendar year. Accelerated points continue until December 31 of the year in which you qualify. Annual requalification is required.

7. What happens to my Rewards Tier if I return an item?
Returns could affect your Rewards tier as they are deducted from your total annual purchase tally. Depending on your year-to-date tally, the return could cause change to your rewards tier.

For example:

On a customerís second visit, she buys a pair of boots for $300, which brings her total spend to $400. She now qualifies for the ďRewards PLUSĒ tier.
On her third visit, she spends $50 and earns points at the Rewards PLUS Tier level for this purchase. This brings her total purchase tally to $450.
However, on her 4th visit, she returns the boots. The $300 is deducted from the total spend of $450 and brings it down to $150.
The next purchases will earn points at the Hudson's Bay Rewards base level, until the customer's total purchase tally reaches $400 again. NOTE: Points for returned items are deducted at the same rate they were earned.

8. What defines a purchase visit?
To move up the Rewards tiers, two purchase visits are required in addition to the minimum purchase tally for each tier.
A purchase visit is defined as follows:
A customer must make a purchase and present their Rewards card at Hudson's Bay, thebay.com or HomeOutfitters in either two different stores on two different dates. An online purchase at thebay.com is considered a store.

Here are some examples of how a purchase visit is defined:

  • Multiple purchases made in the same store on the same date count as 1 purchase visit.

  • Purchases made in 2 different stores on the same date cont as 2 purchase visits.

  • Purchses made in the same store on 2 different dates count as 2 purchase visits.

  • A purchase made in a store and a purchase made online on the same date count as 2 purchase visits.

    (Remember, you'll need to present your Hudson's Bay Rewards Card for your purchase to count as a visit.)
    Visit http://www.hbcrewards.com/termsandconditions for full details.

  • 9. Do I need to make two purchase visits for each tier, even if my first purchase totals at least $400 or $1,200?
    To move up to the Rewards Plus or Rewards VIP tiers, you need to make a TOTAL of 2 purchase visits in the calendar year (not 2 visits for each tier), and meet the minimum purchase requirement for the tier. For the Rewards Plus tier, the minimum purchase requirement is $400. For the Rewards VIP tier, the minimum purchase requirement is $1,200.

  • If you spend $400 in just one visit, then your Rewards Plus accelerated points will take effect upon your second visit.
  • If you spend $1,200 in just one visit, then your Rewards VIP accerlerated points will take effect upon your second visit.

  • 10. How long do my Rewards VIP higher points and benefits last?
    There are 2 important time periods pertaining to your Rewards VIP status:

    1) You will earn Hudson's Bay Rewards points at a higher rate (more points per dollar spent) at Hudson's Bay, Home Outfitters and on thebay.com on all eligible purchases until December 31st of the year in which you qualify as a Rewards VIP.

    2) Your other Rewards VIP benefits (Such as specialevent invitations, mailers, savings offers, discount events, etc.) will continue until the expiry date on your VIP Card, which is the December 31st of the FOLLOWING the year after your qualified.

    3) Annual re-qualification is required based on the calendar year (January 1-December 31).


    If you qualify for Rewards VIP status in June 2013:
  • Your points will be earned at a higher rate until December 31,2013.
  • Your other VIP benefits will continue until December 31, 2014 (the expiry date on your Rewards VIP card).

  • If you re-qualify for Rewards VIP status again during the 2014 calendar year:
  • You will receive a new VIP card with an expiry date of December 31, 2015.
  • You will earn a higher rate of points for the rest of the 2014 calendar year (until December 31, 2014).
  • Your other VIP benefits will continue until December 31, 2015 (the expiry date on your Rewards VIP card).

  • 11. Do I earn more points if I use my Hudsonís Bay Rewards Card with my Hudsonís Bay MasterCard or Hudsonís Bay Credit Card?
    Yes, if you combine the use of your Hudsonís Bay MasterCard or Hudsonís Bay Credit Card with each of your purchases, your earn rate DOUBLES!

    12. Will I get a new Hudsonís Bay Rewards card each time I am promoted or demoted to a different tier?
    No. When you reach the Rewards Plus tier, a Plus sticker (+) will be affixed to your existing Hudson's Bay Rewards card. You will receive a new card only when you are promoted to the Hudson's Bay Rewards VIP tier.
    It typically will take 6-8 weeks to receive your new card in the mail, but you will begin earning points at the VIP rate as soon as you achieve VIP status.

    13. Do the Hudsonís Bay Rewards cards expire?
    No, the Hudsonís Bay Rewards cards do not expire. The Hudsonís Bay Rewards VIP cards have an expiry date which applies to the VIP benefits only. You can continue to use a Rewards VIP card even after it expires, but your rate of earning Rewards points will be based on your current year-to-date purchase tally.

    14. Iíve lost my Rewards card, what do I do?
    Visit any Hudsonís Bay Store, or Home Outfitters and they will make arrangements to have a replacement card sent to you.
    Call the Hudsonís Bay Rewards Customer Service at 1.800.844.8131 or the Hudsonís Bay Rewards VIP Customer Service at 1.866.923.9637 and request a replacement card.

    15. With Zellers closing, I have nowhere to redeem my points. What should I do?
    You can redeem your points online for a Hudsonís Bay Gift Card. The minimum amount for online redemption is 5,000 Hudsonís Bay Rewards points and thatís worth a $25 Hudsonís Bay Gift Card. Or you can redeem your points in any Hudson's Bay or Home Outfitters store. For in store redemptions, the minimum is 2,000 points for a $10 Hudson's Bay Gift Card.

    16. Can I still redeem my Hudsonís Bay Rewards points for Air Miles?
    Yes you can. If you already signed up for auto redemption for AIR MILES your account will not change.
    Hudsonís Bay Rewards points will be redeemed at a rate of 40 points for 1 AIR MILES ģ reward mile. These AIR MILES will be displayed on your AIR MILESģ Summary Statement.

    Starting August 31, 2015, in addition to the standard redemption offer a NEW Quarterly Bonus offer is available for Gold and Onyx Collectors.
    For more information on the Air Miles program click here.
    The minimum Hudsonís Bay Rewards balance for AIR MILES auto-redemption weekly is 40 Hudsonís Bay Rewards points.
    Please note that only Hudsonís Bay Rewards points earned at Hudsonís Bay, Hudsonís Bay online and Home Outfitters, or otherwise awarded by Hudsonís Bay Company or any of its affiliates can be redeemed for AIR MILESģ reward miles.
    17. Can I redeem my Hudsonís Bay Rewards points for AIR MILES on a One Time basis as opposed to signing up for Auto Redemption?
    The option for One Time redemption was previously offered, however due to the lack of demand the program was updated to remove this option. If you would like to do a one-time redemption to AIR MILES, you can facilitate this by signing up to START AUTOMATIC WEEKLY REDEMPTION, transfer the points you want to redeem, and then go back and sign up to STOP AUTOMATIC WEEKLY REDEMPTION.
    18. Do my Rewards points expire?
    If you donít use your Hudsonís Bay Rewards card to earn or redeem points within a 12 month period, your total points balance will expire. As long as you use your card once within the 12 month period your points will remain active.

    ģô Trademarks of AM Royalties Limited Partnership used under license by LoyaltyOne, Co. and Hudson`s Bay.

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