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Helpful Hints and Tips for Searching

Entering Keywords
The Basics
Enter your 'keyword(s)' (e.g. toaster) or product catalogue # (e.g. 2002-1009) and press the 'GO' button.
Your results will be listed in groups of 10, organized by product category.
The number of pages found will also be displayed.
You may:
  • Click the image or product name to view details of the product and/or have option to 'Place Order'.
  • Click the page number to view more search results.
If you could not find the product you were looking for try refining your search.

Tips for Refining Your Search
Use simple words to describe product you are searching for.
(e.g. use 'stereo', instead of 'audio system' or 'sound system')
Double check your spelling
(e.g. colour, color, collar)
Search for one product at a time.
Add words to your search if the results are too broad.
Remove words from your search if the results are too narrow.
Use the Rewards Search (menu option at top of page) to:
  • specify the Category.
  • specify a Price Range.
  • specify a Points Range.

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