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HBC Rewards Community Program
HBC Rewards Community Program
Welcome to the Hudsonís Bay Rewards Community. Itís an easy and effortless way to help your favorite cause and your community. At Hudsonís Bay, we believe that building a strong foundation in the communities where we work and live builds healthy families and inspires us all. And the Hudsonís Bay Rewards Community Program brings us one step closer to that goal. How would you like to make a difference?

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Did you know that there is an easy and effortless way to fundraise for your school? The Hudsonís Bay Rewards Community Program is an exciting program that can help your school get the things it needs throughout the school year. Signing up for the Hudsonís Bay Rewards Community Program is simple. All it takes are three easy steps to join and redeem the rewards:

1. Enroll online
Sign up your school

2. Recruit members
With a little help from Hudsonís Bay Company, you can invite all the teachers, parents, friends, family, neighbors, alumni and other community members to link their Hudsonís Bay Rewards account to the school. Members can assign 10-100% of their Hudsonís Bay Rewards points that they earn when they shop.

3. Watch your points grow
  • Get 2,000 Hudson's Bay Rewards points upon acceptance to help you get started. That's enough for a $10 Hudson's Bay Gift Card!
  • Plus - get 50* BONUS points for each member who joins your school group.
  • Members earn 1 Hudson's Bay Rewards point for almost every dollar they spend at Hudson's Bay, thebay.com, or Home Outfitters.
  • By using the Hudson's Bay MasterCardģ or Hudson's Bay Credit Card, members earn double Hudson's Bay Rewards points - 2 points on almost every** dollar spent!

*50 Hudsonís Bay Rewards points per member to a maximum of 50 members in the first year after enrollment.
**See terms and conditions for the Hudsonís Bay Rewards Program in the current Rewards Catalogue or at www.hbc.com/rewards for full details and exceptions.

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