Ethical Sourcing

HBC aims to conduct business on the principles of trust, teamwork, honesty and respect for the rights of others. We are committed to working collaboratively with our suppliers to ensure that our ethical standards are upheld in the manufacturing of our products, as outlined in the HBC Supplier Code of Conduct. Maintaining an ethical supply chain requires trust and transparency with all stakeholders, including factory workers, associates, and customers.

HBC believes we have a responsibility to uphold fundamental human and labor rights, and to be mindful of our environmental impacts, throughout our supply chain. Through our ethical sourcing program, we not only protect the integrity of our brand assortment but also ensure that our goods are manufactured in accordance with high quality standards. We are committed to supporting and strategically partnering with the suppliers that adhere to these best practices. The program applies to all first-tier suppliers producing private label merchandise, merchandise that is shipped by HBC as the importer of record and any non-merchandise items that have an HBC company logo, such as shopping bags and gift boxes. To work with HBC, these suppliers are required to fully disclose the name and addresses of their factories and subcontractors.

HBC is committed to collaborating with our suppliers to prevent child labor and forced labor. HBC has a zero tolerance policy on child labor, forced labor, slavery, human trafficking and transshipment. Goods from factories found with zero tolerance violations will be rejected or recalled at the expense of the supplier. In addition, we commit to not knowingly purchase cotton produced through systemic forced labour in Uzbekistan.

Read our Modern Slavery Report.

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HBC believes that transparency in its supply chain contributes to a better understanding of ethics, quality assurance, and environmental impacts in production facilities, while enabling consumers to make better informed decisions when shopping.

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HBC is a proud member of Nirapon. The collaborative organization brings apparel industry stakeholders together to jointly develop solutions to health and safety issues in ready-made garment factories in Bangladesh. Nirapon is the safety organization successor of the 5-year Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, which concluded in 2018.

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