Vendors Guides and Policies

Basic Principles of HBC Purchasing

  1. Compliance with HBC Supplier Code of Conduct and our ethical sourcing program
  2. Mutual benefit based on mutual interest
  3. Good corporate citizenship

BIS (Business Intelligence System) Tools for Vendors

All documents relating to the use of HBC’s BIS reporting system such as user manuals, quick reference guides, report and prompt listings and other references are available on HBC’s BIS vendor site. BIS-enabled vendors can access these documents through the Help menu once they have successfully logged onto their sessions. Should you have any issues accessing these resources, please contact the BIS Solution Centre at

All documents relating to shipping merchandise in Store Ready or eCommerce Ready conditions and to ensure efficiency in our Distribution Centres

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

Saks complies with the requirements of the California Transparency Supply Chain Act of 2012 (CASB 657). For more information, please read more.

Please also see our Terms and Conditions of Purchase for Non-Merchandise Goods and Services.

Large pile of jeans during manufacturing processLarge pile of jeans during manufacturing process