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Hudson’s Bay Company donated its corporate archives to the Manitoba Archives and the Hudson’s Bay Company Museum Collection to The Manitoba Museum in 1994. The Hudson’s Bay Company History Foundation (HBCHF) was established at that time to provide funds for the continued preservation, promotion and public access to both collections in perpetuity.

HBCHF is committed to advancing knowledge of, and interest in, the company’s role in Canadian history. This is accomplished partly through the HBC Education Program - in particular, the HBC Heritage website. Additionally, HBCHF provides support to Canada’s National History Society, a not-for-profit organization with the objective of promoting greater interest in Canadian history.

*Photo Credit: Hudson’s Bay Company Archives, Archives of Manitoba (HBCA 1987/363-Y-100/61)

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Black and white photo of Hudson's Bay Company buildingBlack and white photo of Hudson's Bay Company building